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    [Official] TWR SITE RULES!

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    [Official] TWR SITE RULES!

    Post by Aleigh on Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:11 pm

    These are the official rules of webkinzreunion.board-directory.net. They are here to ensure that everyone can have a fun time without worrying of anything happening. Please do follow these rules - or there will be consequences.

    Do NOT:
    -Cuss/Curse/Swear in any manner
    -Share personal information (your address, where you go to school, etc.)
    -Be racist, sexist, or anything else harassing a certain 'group'
    -Harassing, bullying, or threatening
    -Advertise your own site
    -Spam or fluff post

    Basic Guidelines:
    -Red and Blue font is reserved for Admins and Moderators.
    -Try not to post any duplicate threads or posts
    -Don't create more than one account
    -Don't 'text talk', it's annoying and people won't really understand it

    [to be added]

    Thank you for reading and following these rules!

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